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ANAMA: New video clip and EP released

Prog / Symphonic Metal band AnamA is establishing itself as one of the great promises of Brazilian national metal. The band this year, despite the pandemic, was very active, participating in several online festivals throughout South America and Mexico, in addition to releasing several clips and lyric videos.

Now AnamA has just released a new video clip, for the song "Order and Discord", which closes the cycle of audiovisual releases of the EP "Tales of Doubt and Death", composed of 5 songs. "Order and Discord" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Michel Villares at MeH Studio, just like all the other songs on the EP. The video clip was filmed at Black Saga Studios in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, directed by Michel Villares and produced by AnamA & M&H Studio. The editing was done by Michel Villares and co-editing by Ricky Franco.

Check out the new AnamA video clip "Order and Discord" below:

In addition to the new video clip, the band AnamA announces that the EP "Tales of Doubt and Death", is now available on all digital platforms. You can listen to the album on Spotify, directly on this link. For fans of physical releases, AnamA released the EP in a beautiful digifile. To purchase, just contact the band directly, on social media.

Follow the band on social media:



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