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ANAMA: Assassin returns even more perverse and cruel, in new Lyric Video!

And she is back! The wicked murderer is back and even more cruel! After the success of the song "Dame of Red", (from AnamA's first album, self titled and released in 2018), which tells the story of a Spanish murderer who wears red, the band brings back the murderer, she returns even more thirsty for blood and revenge, now dressed in black.

"Dame of Death" is the fourth single from the EP "Tales of Doubt and Death", and features a beautiful Lyric Video. In the video the band appears interpreting the music in a masterly way and the castanets return, giving a special touch to the music. Also noteworthy is the vocalist Babi Bueno, who in the video plays the "Lady of Death".

About the character, Babi Bueno comments: "Dame is certainly our favorite character. Precisely for this reason she reappeared, it was one of the most successful songs on our first CD and therefore deserved a continuation of its history. The most incredible thing is the contradiction between the melody, beautiful, with the dark lyrics. Isn't that so in real life? Can we identify a murderer just by looking?"

The video was produced and edited by Caio Garibaldi, the guitarist for the band AnamA and the images were taken at Black Saga studios by Michel Villares, from M&H Studio. Michel was also responsible for mixing and mastering this and the other songs that will be present on the EP "Tales of Doubt and Death".

Watch the Lyric Video of "Dame of Death":

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