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Heavy Metal coming directly from Ecuador!
Ódica brings in its essence the search for better days and a better and fairer world, with its heavy metal that for many moments borders on power metal, in addition to beautiful female vocals, positive lyrics and striking choruses!
A band that has achieved great prominence in their country and that now seeks bigger flights, to take its message of love and peace to the most needy hearts.



ÒDICA, was formed in May 2007, with a new proposal, to make music with friends, respecting the beliefs and ideologies, including the musical tastes of each of the members, with the desire to create and express with music the feelings, experiences and social problems that people live in a society so criticized by all. 


The goal as a band is that their message reaches all possible genres, that people identify with their songs and thus lead more people to a taste rock.

The band began with three friends who decided to make music, Johana Zambrano, Danny Saavedra and Omar Saavedra, they are former members of the Aztra group. Seeing the lack regarding other instruments, it was decided to request the collaboration of other musicians. After several changes in their line-up, the group finlly stabilized, with a well-established and strong group which began to play in concerts in various parts of Ecuador. 

At that time with 8 unpublished songs, ÒDICA has been part of the Compilation Total Ecuador No. 1 (Pasaje-Ecuador). Also its song Silhouette Fugaz, was part of the CD Darkness No. 15 where there is also an interview. Thanks to Propósito General (José Franco) they have distributed copies of their most popular songs in a national level.


By mid-2009, due to personal issues of some of the members, the group was forced to stop playing concerts, remaining on stand-by for a few years.

In November 2015, Danny, along with other colleagues, decided to create music again, so the search for new members began, he got in touch with Johana who decided to join immediately like Omar and together with Juan they decide to take up the Ódica project again. They decide to go back and use their old songs and also work on creating new songs for the band, feeling the need to use another guitar and a keyboard, Ricardo and Santiago joined the band, so once again the band is back being united.



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