Sludge Doom, Dense, heavy and dark music coming directly from Nottingham, England.
This band brings an atmosphere of desolation and uncertainty about our personality and the human being. But one of the great differentials of this band is the inclusion of the saxophone, which brings a special, unique and characteristic touch to the Sludge Doom formula.
Listen and enter to the Even Vast atmosphere!
EM MUSIC MANAGEMENT: AnamA and Even Vast confirmed in Argentine festival!
EM MUSIC MANAGEMENT: AnamA and Even Vast confirmed in Argentine festival!

Heresy Fest is an Argentine festival, celebrated annually by the producer Heresy Videoclips and that each year gains more prestige in the...

EVEN VAST: Rehearsal video available!
EVEN VAST: Rehearsal video available!

After months of confinement and many uncertainties due to Covid-19, many countries are already beginning to return to normal life, one of...




Even Vast was formed in 1998 in Italy and recorded their first album "Hear Me Out" in the Netherlands at Beaufort Studios (bands like The Gathering and Phlebotomized also recorded there).

"Hear Me Out" was released in 1999 by Black Lotus Records. With the success of their first album, other labels expressed interest in the band and in 2001 "Where the Trees Still Speak" was released on CD and LP through Ars Metalli / Painkiller Records.

In 2003, the album "Outsleeping" was released by Mausoleum Records, which offered a good promotion for the band, growing in popularity. In April 2007 the third album "Teach Me How To Bleed" came out with My Kingdom Music. After a 9-year break, Even Vast returned to the city of Nottingham (England), with a new line up and a Sludge / Doom sound. As part of the changes, they added a saxophonist. The new album was released in April 2019 via Goatmancer Records.

The band's current line-up is Luca Martello (Guitarist), Chris Taylor (Vocalist), Luis Barreto (Drummer), Dale Niblett (Bassist) and Wayne Turton (Effects).

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