Experimental heavy metal with hints of symphonic metal, heavy guitars, ethnic elements and narratives of terror, anguish and horror make AnamA, one of the great revelations of the last years of Brazilian metal.
The band has been attracting attention with its excellent live performances and the quality of its clips and singles, which will be part of the awaited EP "Tales of Doubt and Death".
Welcome to the fascinating "Tales of Doubts and Deaths"!
Strength Metal Fest: Edição Online acontece neste fim de semana
Strength Metal Fest: Edição Online acontece neste fim de semana

A primeira edição online do Strength Metal Fest se inicia neste fim de semana, sendo três dias de festival que acontecerá em 18, 19 e 20...

ANAMA: Lançado playthrough de "The Priest"
ANAMA: Lançado playthrough de "The Priest"

Os paulistas do AnamA estão lançando hoje o primeiro vídeo no formato 'playthrough' de umas das faixas do EP "Tales of Doubt and Death" ,...




AnamA is a Brazilian experimental metal band formed in 2011 by Babi Bueno and Caio Garibaldi.


The duo had, from the beginning, the proposal to take a trip around the world, mixing rock and metal with ethnic elements and concert music. In 2017, Nikolas Marcantonatos joined the team, maked AnamA officially becoming a band, for the first time.


With the first CD released in 2018, the band has received positive reviews for its live performance, among its highlights, won third place at the festival "She can do it" and performed at Centro Cultural São Paulo.

AnamA in currently working on it's EP, "Tales of Doubt and Death", to be released in 2020.

The band is formed by Babi Bueno (Vocal and Keyboard), Caio Garibaldi (Guitar and Vocal Backing) and Nikolas Marcantonatos (Drummer).