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ÓDICA, BRIGHTSTORM, ANAMA & REVENGIN in the cast of Caio Indica Fest 3

Updated: May 5, 2021

This weekend the first part of the online festival Caio Indica Fest 3 - Women Edition will be held, which focuses on the participation of bands with women in their formation.

Several bands from EM Music Management will be present at the festival. On Friday (12/03), the first day of the event, we will have the band Ódica from Ecuador, representing the cast of the consultancy. On the second day of the event, Saturday (03/13), BrightStorm will show all its competence with its Symphonic Metal, directly from São José dos Campos / SP, Brazil. Next week, the band AnamA from São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, will be present on the fourth day of the festival Friday (03/19). And finally on Saturday (03/20) we will have Revengin that will bring an unprecedented launch at the festival.

Check out the video with the climbed bands:

confirm presence at the event:

Caio Indica Fest 3 will feature more than 120 attractions, mostly national bands, but will have international projects in its cast. The Caio Indica Fest 3 - Women Edition will be held on 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 and 28 March 2021, with exhibition on the Caio Indica project channel on YouTube.


Caio Indica Fest 3 - Women Edition

Date: 12-13-14-19-20-21 and 28 March

Friday (12/03) - 21: 00hrs

Saturday (13/03) - 20: 00hrs

Friday (19/03) - 20: 00hrs

Saturday (20/0)

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