Next weekend will be held the RAVEN FEST - International Edition, designed by Dewindson Wolfheart and supported by S.O.S. METAL RADIO SHOW via 106 FM, Antena Minho at N #1 in Portugal since 1985, the festival aims to entertain audiences from the Gothic, Doom, Dark Rock and Symphonic Metal lines in this pandemic period, including presenting and uniting artists from various countries. Three bands from EM Music Management will be present at the festival. Are they: The BrightStorm that will show all its competence with its Symphonic Metal, directly from Brazil, the Even Vast from England and the band Revengin Rio de Janeiro. Raven Fest creator Dewindson Wolfheart says: “Other physical and face-to-face festivals have already been promoted by SOS METAL RADIO SHOW, both in Portugal and in Brazil, but at this time when the pandemic forces us to stay at home, artists and the public need this, so we did an online version, initially for one day, with only one band from each country representing them, however, many quality bands needed to show their work and then, we included another date where we emphasized the Brazilian Dark and Doom Metal scene even more, with some artists from other countries”. The RAVEN FEST will take place on the 20th and 21st of March, Saturday and Sunday, at 3 pm, on the YOUTUBE channel of the program NAS ASAS DO CORVO. The confirmed bands are: ASRAI - Netherlands ODE INSONE - Brazil HEAVENWOOD - Portugal LIBRA - United States WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS - Brasil IMAGO MORTIS - RJ MORKE - Norway PETTALOM - SP SADDOLLS - Greece ALCHEMIA - SP DWELL IN DOOM - Sweden SPLEENFUL - RS LONG NIGHT - Norway DARK VALEY - RS ROCK & ROLL QUEEN - Russia EVICTUS - ES SEASON OF GHOSTS - England HERETIC - GO ARKAN ASRAFOKOR - Togo - Africa BRIGHT STORM - SP METAL HEART - Belarus FINAL DISASTER - SP SLANIA - Argentina MISS LAVA - Portugal EGREGOR - Chile EVEN VAST - Italy INFESTUS - Venezuela REVENGIN - RJ LOST IN THE STORM - France LILITH´S REVENGE - Portugal Check out the Raven Fest teaser: In addition to this lineup of incredible bands, RAVEN FEST also brings the special participation of some presenters, among them, Aaron Stainthorpe, lead singer of the British group MY DYING BRIDE, Tommy Lindal, Norwegian guitarist ex-THEATER OF TRAGEDY, the nice and magnificent bass player and vocalist of the Swedish group DEATHSTARS and the talented and wonderful vocalist, keyboardist and Harpist Lindsay Schoolcraft ex-CRADLE OF FILTH, in addition to Filipe Marta, anchor presenter of SOS METAL RADIO SHOW. RAVEN FEST will be followed with an after party on TWITCH / REDEVAMP.TV led by the famous Vampire and writer DJ Lord A .: and Queen Xendra. Subscribe to the NAS ASAS DO CORVO channel on youtube and follow the exhibition in real time, interacting with the artists and the public through online chat. Confirm your presence on the event's Facebook page: SERVICE: Raven Fest - International Dark Edition Date: March 20th and 21st Time: 15: 00hrs (Brazil) Location: @NAS ASAS DO CORVO SOS Metal Radio Show Follow the bands on social media: BrightStorm Facebook Instagram YouTube Even Vast Facebook Instagram YouTube Revengin Facebook Instagram You Tube #brightstormen #evenvasten #revenginen

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