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SILENT CRY: Back in São Paulo after 16 years

One of the greatest representatives of Gothic / Doom Metal in Brazil, SILENT CRY announces its return to São Paulo after a long 16 years.

The mineiros are preparing a special and exciting show, where they will present their new lineup, which now has vocalist Juliana Rossi, in addition to the return of guitarist Albenez Carvalho, well known for having recorded the DVD "Dark n' Alive", released in 2007 .

The set list will feature songs from the band's latest album, "Hypnosis", as well as songs from the band's entire career and a very special tribute to keyboardist Bruno Selmer, who left us in 2004.

Accompanying Silent Cry, we will have the presence of 3 great bands, which will brighten the festival even more. Directly from the city of São José dos Campos, we will have BRIGHTSTORM, a band led by the excellent vocalist Naimi Stephanie and that has been growing every year and receiving the deserved prominence. The band is finishing its new album, successor to the acclaimed "Through The Gates" and will show why it is one of the references of the Symphonic Metal style in Brazil.

From Rio de Janeiro, we will have the presence of REVENGIN, who recently returned from their first tour in Argentina, in addition to having a successful tour in Europe in 2014, alongside names such as Mayan, Izegrim and Asrai. Led by the talented vocalist Bruna Rocha, the band is finishing its new album, successor to the excellent "Cymatics" and which still doesn't have a release date and will certainly bring all the power of its heavy Symphonic Metal, after long 7 years without visiting the capital of São Paulo.

Also from the city of São José dos Campos, LES MÉMOIRES FALL will return to São Paulo after 9 years of the band's acclaimed show at Doosmday Fest. At the time, the band was about to release their first album "Endless Darkness of Sorrow" and it was a pleasant surprise at the festival. Now more mature, with a lot of baggage and getting ready to release their third album, the band promises a heavy and atmospheric show, which will fall in full favor with Gothic / Doom lovers.

Produced by EM Music Management, the festival will be held on Saturday, April 9, at the Jai Club, which is easily accessible by the subway. The opening of the house will be at 4 pm and the first show will start at 5 pm sharp. Tickets are limited and are now available directly on the Sympla website: sao-paulo/1459272 .

For any questions, contact us by email at .



Day and time: 09/04/2022 from 16:00

Location: Jai Club - Rua Vergueiro, 2676 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP



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