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REVENGIN: Band share their version of Motörhead, which came out in Brazilian tribute!

The band Revengin, continues in the final preparations of their new album, which is scheduled to be release very soon in November, the name of this new material will be announced.

Meanwhile, the band has just shared on its YouTube channel their version of "Bad Religion", originally by the English band Motörhead. This version was released in 2017 in a Brazilian tribute to the aforementioned band by the Secret Service Records label. The tribute, which was named "Going To Brazil: The Brazilian Tribute to Motörhead", featured several major bands, such as Ratos de Porão, Nervosa, Genocídio, Torture Squad, among others.

Check out the version of the band Revengin, for the song "Bad Religion":

The band also recently released a lyric video for the song "Pale Soul", which will be featured on their new album. The lyrics, according to vocalist Bruna Rocha, talks about: "The love that transcends time, space and creed. It also has to do with the duality that is addressed in the entire album."

"Pale Soul":

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