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NAIMI STEPHANIE: BrightStorm vocalist releases Nightwish tribute in a feat with Italian vocalist

Naimi Stephanie, lead singer of Symphonic Metal band BRIGHTSTORM, has stood out in recent years, not only for her great voice and charisma, but also for being a very active, focused person and always open to partnerships in the music business.

And recently the vocalist released a new tribute on her channel, this time for the song "Ocean Soul" from the album "Century Child" by the band NIGHTWISH and which had the special participation of vocalist Giulia Stefani, from the renowned Italian band RAVENSCRY. Gabriel Novaes also participated on the guitar and Will Lopes on the keyboard, in addition to mixing and mastering the work.

Naimi Stephanie comments on her partnership with RAVENSCRY vocalist:

“It was a huge pleasure to have done this feat with Giulia and to have strengthened ties with the band Ravenscry as I have contact with guitarist Federico, the band has always been an influence for Brightstorm and we were very happy to be able to do this work with them. Giulia is very talented and it was very easy to make the voice recordings with her!"

About the choice of music, Naimi emphasizes:

“I chose 'Ocean Soul' because it is a song that has always touched me and is among my favorites of Nightwish when I presented this idea to Giulia, she accepted it right away and we love the result!“

Check out the feat of "Ocean Soul" below:

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