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LES MÉMOIRES FALL: Band announces entry of a new member

With a great pleasure the band Les Mémoires Fall announces the entry of a new member, who will take charge of the drums. Shiroma, who has been playing drums since he was 14, will participate in the next recordings of Les Mémoires Fall, which already have a date.

Initially influenced by punk rock, grunge and Brazilian rock from the 90s, Shiroma plunged into Metal at age 15: “I was lucky to have many colleagues at school who enjoyed a heavier sound. There I met Rhapsody, Manowar, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Krisiun, Behemoth, Vital Remains. Just to name a few.” At the same time, Shiroma took over the drums for Frozen Pain, a band from Jacareí-SP, Brazil, whose sound permeates between Death, Doom and Stoner Metal. “In Frozen Pain, Doom and Stoner were introduced to me. My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Type O Negative, Anathema and many others. Here, my musical identity really started to be structured.”

After years and many presentations, fate wanted him to move away from the drums: for long 10 years, he didn't even play on training pads anymore. Until some performances of Frozen Pain in 2019 rekindled the flame. “I was invited to return to Frozen Pain. And, coincidentally, LMF now releases in 2020 the beautiful album "The Tree: Yarns of Life". It reminded me a lot of bands like Agalloch, Empyrium and Warning, one of my favorites. Heaviness, cadence and melody. Impossible not to get excited about a sound like that.”

In conversation with Grou (guitarist of Les Mémoires Fall), of whom he has been friends for a long time, Shiroma revealed his willingness to play the LMF songs. “Even if it's just a rehearsal. Nothing serious. But this Vacuum and Winter ... are just perfect!” Grou and Emerson could not remain indifferent to such a will and made the invitation, which Shiroma accepted without hesitation. “I believe I have a lot to add to the band and vice versa. This synergy will certainly bear good fruit.”, He concludes.

The band continues to promote their new album "The Tree: Yarns of Life", which was released in June 2020, under the Black Hearts Records label and the band continues to prepare news for the year 2021, in which it will complete 10 years of activity.

Check out the video clip for "Winter", recently released by Les Mémoires Fall:

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