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BRIGHTSTORM: Show August 12 in Taubaté

Hello hello Taubaté!! This Friday, BrightStorm, one of the main Symphonic Metal bands in Brazil, will be in town again after 3 years of their last performance at Sesc Taubaté, for another great show!

The show will be held at Garage 51 and will also feature a super Tribute to Evanescence, performed by Naimi Stephanie (vocalist of BrightStorm) and band. BrightStorm promises to shake the presents, with songs from their EP "Past in Flames", from the album "Through the Gates" and new songs that will be on their upcoming new album, still without a release date. The tribute to Evanescence will take the biggest hits of the Americans, in addition to some B-sides, which will certainly please the band's fans.

The house opens at 6 pm and the shows start at 10 pm. To get ready for Friday's show, check out the music video for "To Follow My Heart" below:

And on 08/19, BrightStorm will be present at the Viva o Metal festival, which will be held at La Iglesia in São Paulo and will also feature the bands Wolfheart and The Ravens and Aetherea. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at Clube do Ingresso, directly at the following link: .

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