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BRIGHTSTORM: Presenting today at Horror Expo 2020!

Symphonic Metal band BrightStorm continues to work on their new album yet to be released and meanwhile during the pandemic the band participated in countless online festivals in South America, which brought even more visibility and new fans to the band.

Today, BrightStorm will make a special presentation at Horror Expo 2020. This year, the festival is being held in an online format, with musical presentations, lectures and 'meet and greets' with the presence of big names in the world metal such as Epica, Fleshgod Apocalypse and My Dying Bride.

BrightStorm will make its presentation at 7:40 pm on the virtual stage of Rede Vamp and can be watched directly through the Twitch channel:

Check out the video clip for "Vampire", a great success for the band's first album "Through The Gates":

Follow the band on social media:



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