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Symphonic Metal with sublime orchestrations, choirs and a beautiful vocal that holds you from start to finish.

This is Eve Desire, a band led by Arya Medeiros and Wagner Cappia and which has been attracting more and more fans of the style, which is one of the most sophisticated and poetic styles of metal.

Be prepared to get captured by the feelings of Eve Desire!



Eve Desire was founded in 2012, in São Paulo, as NW cover by the couple Arya and Wagner Cappia. In 2013, they decided to convert for authorial sound, and launched the demo "Vitruvia" independently on digital platforms. After the launch, They received an invitation from Rádio UOL to have the demo clip released by the renowned press vehicle exclusively, which took place in February 2013. The webclip hits 4,000 views in 24 hours.


In 2014, Eve Desire starts the production of their first album with Thiago Bianchi (Noturnall and Shaman). Arya pauses the production of the album due to her first pregnancy and returns to the studio in 2015 after Luna's birth, when the compositions are finished and the entire instrumental part of the disc is recorded. In 2016, there is a new forced pause in work, this time due to the serious illness that affected the producer. He would only return to work in 2017, and this time, Arya was again pregnant with her second daughter, and chooses to wait for the birth to finish the album and get on with the work. In 2018, Isis is born, and work has not stopped. Potent choirs were included in the disc (Madrigal Ever Dream, conducted by Arya), and in 2019 the single "Quantica" is released, with the participation of Maurício Nogueira (Matanza).


In November 2019, they opens in the Noturnall show with Mike Portnoy in Santa Catarina.

In 2020, Eve Desire releases the full album "Prelude to Singularity", with physical distribution to be made by Dynamo Records.


In March 2020, Eve Desire opens the Vision Divine (Mike Terrana) show at the Carioca Club, in São Paulo, and two more openings are scheduled for the important band Sonata Artica (Limeira and Curitiba), now scheduled for 2021 in the face of the pandemic. In April 2020, they participated in the Kiss FM Authorial Brazil Program, and in August 2020, they scored 8 in review of the album in the Roadie Crew Magazine, in addition to being interviewed on the "Cenário" board of the same magazine.


Eve Desire closes the year 2020 participating in the renowned festival "Roadie Crew On Line" in September, in addition to Caio Indica Fest 2. And opens 2021 by participating in major online festivals, such as "O Subsolo" (January / 21), and having already marked their participation in the editions of Metal with Potato Stay Home, Caio Indica Fest 3 - woman edition (March / 21), and Bode Metal Fest (March / 21).


They will release a new single in 2021, also produced by Thiago Bianchi, entitled "Humana". The single reflects the pandemic world on screens, the feeling of imprisonment and the stark silence of the quarantines, the question of feeling and the senses.

The current lineup is Arya (vocals) & Wagner Cappia (keyboard).